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Artificial Intelligence drives agility and helps in building a data driven Intelligent Enterprise. Enterprises need strategies which directly improve their operations and create new business opportunities.

Geetaxmi's AI offering provides enterprises with capability that improves their profitability and brings innovation using new age techniques such as computer vision, natural language processing, clustering, advanced machine learning and automation. Keeping design thinking at the forefront and delivering AI advisory, AIOps, and AI for business insights, Geetaxmi helps enterprises in their business transformation journey. Our offerings are inspired by Geetaxmi’s STRL(Sense, Think, Respond, & Learn) framework, which leverages AI across the data and analytics value chain.

Artificial Intelligence - Geetaxmi
Artificial Intelligence - Geetaxmi
Artificial Intelligence - Geetaxmi
Artificial Intelligence - Geetaxmi

Geetaxmi AI Capabilities

Geetaxmi’s Consulting practice delivers transformational solutions, powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), for customers across industry verticals. Our consulting offerings span Natural Language Processing (NLP); voice; computer vision with object detection, recognition and localization in images and video streams; and other cognitive technologies.

We have been empowering businesses to automate much of their repetitive work, freeing them to laser focus on offering differentiated customer experiences and meet rising expectations.

Artificial Intelligence Solutions and Offerings

Robotic Process Automation

We develop robust applications to improve process efficiency and reduce reduce human intervention / errors.

Natural language processing

We deliver solutions that understand and interpret what users speak and write, and take necessary actions with better efficency.

Visual search & image recognition

We create visual applications with abilities to Lead the voice, gesture and image recognition revolution with Digital Signal Processing and Vision Processing

Text to speech

We develop customized text to speech recognition solutions of maximizing convenience for businesses

Knowledge virtualization

We use artificial intelligence technology to power enterprises by delivering knowledge virtualization systems for informed business decisions

Machine / deep learning

Our solutions enable machine to interpret complex and fragmented data to self-learn. it takes on important classification, prediction and decision-making roles.

Automatic Speech Recognition

We have been developing and implementing advanced speech recognition solution for businesses key objective to process audiovisual content.

Digital Virtual Agents (Chatbots)

We deliver chatbots that augment customer experience by interpreting human behavior, language and sentiments. While the value that chatbots can add to a brand has made their adoption a key objective for organizations.

Predictive & User Behavior Analytics

Get analytics to explore user behavior, understand preferences and derive patterns for intelligent campaign management

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