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Geetaxmi is a partner of choice for our clients across industries in driving a transformative approach to blockchain engagements. Our approach to blockchain adoption for enterprises is highly contextualized to customer industry, stage of maturity in their blockchain journey & industry use case. Our end-to-end blockchain offerings cover ecosystem services, advisory and consulting, platform services, application services, industry themes and technology assets to build blockchain solutions. We work with clients to drive transformation through strategic engagements comprising of advisory.


Blockchain Solution and Offerings

Blockchain Integration

Secure and robust custom blockchain solutions enabling technology inter-external operability with business process re-alignment and consensus management

Decentralized Applications

Robust decentralized blockchain application development that leverages the latest trends and breakthroughs of state-of-the-art blockchain technology which is popularized by distributed ledger technologies (DLT)

Proof of concepts

Blockchain implementation through validated the feasibility and practical potential to interactive mock-ups with real-time enterprise challenges and solutions

Blockchain Development

Blockchain development services facilitated to build innovative products that augment with on-ground discovery for results-driven blockchain solutions that promise desired business outcomes

ICO Development

Exclusive blockchain development services and support with our secure & reliable for your ICO, ranging from Conceptual token design to infrastructure maintenance

Smart Contracts

Enterprise blockchain solutions for marketplaces with the help of self-executing coded smart contracts for secured to automate Rootstock & Ethereum with decentralized trading

Cryptocurrency Development

Tailor-made cryptocurrency Ecosystem Strategy to stay ahead by disrupting the market in this crypto race geared up towards a futuristic economy

Digital Identity Solution

Blockchain-enabled secured document signing, and authentication solution trusted by individuals, businesses and enterprises

The Concept of Blockchain

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Geetaxmi Registered as Start Up India team to build Value for the Business Sector and Society with a Disruptive Technology-based Solution

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