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Rapidly changing business needs and the emergence of Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud have compelled IT to become more agile and effective in delivering services to the business units and their end customers.

We believe that principles and benefits of DevOps is not limited to IT-enabled business solutions. In a time where uncertainty is the only constant, organizations need to introspect and improve how they should operate. Principles of Business DevOps should be leveraged by organizations to incorporate agility, quality and stakeholder feedback to remain relevant in the market.



In reality, Geetaxmi has seen a dramatically increased impact when we consider what DevOps practically enables. This ultimately translates into business benefits like faster time to market, improved ROI and ability to sense and react to rapid changes in external environment


The long-established approach to strategy “First Plan, Then Do” may not hold good in future. Organizations spend significant time in planning based on assumed scenarios.

Structure and processes

At the implementation level, the simplicity of structure and processes will accelerate the success of strategy execution. Flat hierarchy, outcome accountability, collaborative communities, active partnerships within an ecosystem should be scaled across the organization.

Talent inclusiveness

It includes all the industry stakeholders such as partners, suppliers, regulators, customers, employees etc. We believe a Business DevOps culture requires crowdsourcing, social collaboration, broad based skills with strong analytical and creative capabilities at the center thus engaging and empowering talent.


To support their transformation journey, organizations must rethink the underlying technologies as well as architectures and tools. Modern agile organizations will need to quickly deliver and continuously refine products and services in the wake of changing customer preferences, increasing competition as well as omnipresent threats and regulators.

The Process

Geetaxmi enables your business to achieve the ‘always-on’ state by providing access to IT services that address issues swiftly while handling any development needs to reduce time-to-market and improve customer experience.

Benefits of DevOps

There are many benefits of DevOps, primarily it overcomes limitations and common issues of the traditional IT cycle downtimes often caused by communication delays in a cross-functional team. Implementing DevOps reduces the overall downtime as the development team is also a part of the operations team, thus reducing the time to transit for information turnover.

Following are the key benefits of the DevOps approach:
Faster, Quicker Deployment

Continuous integration and deployment accelerate throughput of new features and apps

Quick Resolution to Problems

Improved communication and collaboration results in early identification of quality concerns, minimizing the risk

Agility and Resiliency

DevOps is pillared on collaboration that empowers businesses to quickly recover from any untoward risk

More Time for Innovation

DevOps improves efficiency and productivity, leaving significant time to innovate, grow and succeed

Geetaxmi Capabilities

Geetaxmi is disrupting traditional ways of doing business to make businesses innovation-ready by leveraging latest technology and processes.


DevOps Consulting

Engineers at Geetaxmi formulate a robust DevOps strategy that perfectly blends the development and operations (design, build, test, deploy and manage) in to a sustainable successful process that complements agile software practices.

  • DevOps Assessment and Strategy Planning
  • Architecting and Tools Stack Construction
  • Identifying the Traceable Metrics

Continuous Integration & Deployment

Continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) are considered as pillars of DevOps. In order to maximize the benefits of DevOps, you need to build an effective pipeline to automate the entire DevOps cycle (build, integrate and test). Achieving this requires architecting CI/CD for successful DevOps.

  • Release planning and monitoring
  • Automated Rollouts & Rollback strategy
  • Test automation, CI/CD and deployment

Infrastructure & Environment Management

Infrastructure management sits at the core of any organization aspiring to be DevOps ready. Geetaxmi’s DevOps engineers strive to enable better communication and collaboration across the development and operations team with the primary goal of continuous development and continuous integration at speed and scale.

  • Cloud Consulting & Management
  • Infrastructure Automated Provisioning
  • Network Operations and Control
  • Security Management
  • Data Backup and Recovery

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