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New technologies and business models are driving companies to transform at lightning speed for a digital, customer-first world. Geetaxmi's Consulting practice helps business leaders respond to their customers’ needs by driving digital-first transformation: from operations to technologies to people. we deliver integrated strategy, digital and domain expertise, and apply analytics and insights to help them find hidden value.

With a strong heritage of innovation and entrepreneurship in technology services, we help companies leverage the potential from digital technologies like AI, automation, and Cloud. Geetaxmi's team of consultants work flexibly to deliver results, be it advisory or end-to-end execution.




Strategy and architecture

Human-shaped experiences at the intersection of strategy, design and technology.

Constant and rapid change has become a rule, not an exception. Rapidly-evolving technologies consistently offer better capabilities for businesses to enhance customer experience and differentiate themselves from competition. Many organizations struggle with how to transform digitally in order to wow their customers with eye-catching, multi-channel, platform-agnostic experiences.

Geetaxmi's Consulting practice is an innovation-led, enterprise transformation partner built for today’s digital challenges. With the power of our digital and strategic design practice, we focus on the things that matter—insights, interactions, integrations, and innovations that make extraordinary things happen for brands, businesses and their customers.


Business Transformation

Transform into a unified digital enterprise by developing industry leading business processes.

Geetaxmi's 360-degree approach to Business Transformation delivers a unified E&C enterprise. The service spans blueprints and roadmaps for business process transformation using industry leading practices. Our methodologies, frameworks and templates are combined with a suite of pre-configured L1-L5 business processes (examples: Lead-to-Opportunity, Bid-to-Win, Plan-to-Project, Setup-to-Execute) to elevate processes to a business standard.

In addition, Geetaxmi's reference architecture which consists of integrated architecture for enterprise, project, engineering and design sides accelerates transformation. We help you remain agile and responsive in a highly competitive environment, implementing streamlined design process, and following a comprehensive business transformation strategy.


Enterprise Processes

Achieve standardization and simplification of business process along with cost-effective delivery.

We have the ability to work in the framework to reduce inefficiencies and manage the integration of processes on an enterprise scale. We help enterprises restructure their operations to be adaptive through our smooth enterprise processes. The overall outcome is standardization which leads to cost-effective delivery and improved service levels.

  • Acquire internal and external alignments to synchronize processes within enterprise strategies.
  • Control processes in terms of responsibility, consistency, and collaboration
  • Implementation of strategy and standards from policy to the process in actionable elements

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation at pace and scale.

Digital is transforming the world around us. Organizations are seeking answers to some important questions, including: how can we re-invent ourselves and transform our culture to create new ways of working, develop new products and services, and engage differently with our employees, customers, partners, and suppliers?

The process of transformation is complex, especially at an enterprise scale, where the process of change becomes too complex, too quickly. Geetaxmi’s Consulting practice helps our clients answer these questions and embrace digital transformation at speed and scale, whilst also reducing complexity and risk. We simplify the process of transformation while focusing only on the things that matter most. From our research and experience, we have identified 5 ‘moments of truth’ common to any digital transformation journey:

  • Looking at a problem differently
  • Readying the organization for change
  • Transforming talent around the transformation
  • Managing the process of change
  • Realizing business value

Insights and Analytics

Improved revenue, cost management, and mindshare through strategic business insights which will impact to Provide decision-makers with real time insights and start executing projects on schedule and on budget.

Geetaxmi’s Strategic Business Insights service provides enterprises the ability to improve revenue, cost, and customer mindshare. To achieve this, we use our deep understanding of strategic business areas, along with a three-step process—Strategize, Design, Implement—to extract actionable insights from data. The strategy component develops a blueprint for a Business Insights Center and deploys analytics for use case support, leading to direct and indirect value realization and data monetization.

When any organizations want the right information at the right time for design, procurement, Execution, commissioning/handover and operations, they turn to Geetaxmi’s Analytics Solution Methodology. The solution uses Big Data and analytical models to provide intelligence, KPI driven project execution, causal analytics, prescriptive analytics and predictive analytics covering project costs, schedules, labor and material availability and profitability.

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