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Geetaxmi has been providing dedicated services for developing web, mobile and standalone applications in Java Platform technology to the specific needs of enterprises and software companies. At Geetaxmi, we have certified Java professionals working on diverse projects of different scale and complexity. Be it application development, migration, optimization or implementation, we provide end-to-end expertise across Java.




Custom Application Development

We understand all the unique and complex requirements of our clients and deliver high performing customized applications.

  • Consulting services
  • End-to-end development and testing
  • Legacy software modernization
  • Maintenance and support

Enterprise Application Design and Implementation

Having developed a large number of enterprise applications, we understand the in and outs of the application development process and implementation in diverse business environments.

  • Streamlined and simplified workflow management
  • Enhanced customer experience
  • Application modernization

Maintenance and Support

We understand how essential it is for businesses to not only have an efficient application but also have it regularly maintained and updated.

  • 24/7 end-to-end maintenance and support services
  • On-going support and maintenance
  • Post launch enhancements and upgrade
  • Technical improvements time to time

Migrate Legacy Application to Java Environment

We help you leverage all the benefits Java based framework has to offer with efficient migration of legacy environment to Java environment. We help you achieve rapid growth, smooth re-structuration of your business.

  • Technology migration
  • Features enhancement
  • UI optimization
  • Data migration
  • Testing

Re-Engineering the Existing Systems

After migration assessment, our team of Java experts define migration strategy and identify a suitable migration roadmap. We provide application upgrade, application re-engineering, technology migration, application porting, as well as data migration.

  • Application upgrade
  • Application re-engineering
  • Design reliable architecture
  • Enhancements in features and UX
  • Increased security and scalability
  • Smooth restructuration

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