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Creating new business models built on next-gen decentralized blockchain networks

Geetaxmi is a partner of choice for our clients across industries in driving a transformative approach to blockchain engagements. Our approach to blockchain adoption for enterprises is highly contextualized to customer industry, stage of maturity in their blockchain journey & industry use case.

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Artificial Intelligence

Enabling transformation and innovation to the business with Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence drives agility and helps in building a data driven Intelligent Enterprise. Enterprises need strategies which directly improve their operations and create new business opportunities.

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Robotic Process Automation

Use Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to improve process efficiency and reduce errors

Geetaxmi's Robotic Process Automation (RPA), together with a unique continuous improvement methodology, simplifies routine and repetitive processes for clients. This includes automating labor-intensive and error-prone back office tasks like data entry, account creation and data processing.

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Transforming Legacy Systems into Powerful Performance Engines through Strategic IT Architecture Redesign

Geetaxmi empowers enterprises in their continuous transformation journey by providing full stack cloud services - Edge to Cloud - across domains delivered through Cloud Studios. Geetaxmi’s unique 'Business First' strategy and industrialized solutions approach supported by strong industry domain and ecosystem partner.

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Internet of Things

Use the IoT to improve data flowing through the enterprise without getting overwhelmed by the complexity

Geetaxmi’s IoT service includes Consulting and Advisory to formulate an IoT strategy, Device & Module Engineering that gets the right sensors and devices to acquire data from assets, System Integration that keeps systems talking to each other, Platform & Applications for storage, analytics, security and business applications that multiply gains from IoT, and Operations & Managed Services that take keep business operations and back office processes functioning smoothly.

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Big Data

Delivering business outcome; not just managing data

Geetaxmi’s distinct PID (Process – Insights – Data) framework enables a holistic approach in addressing business transformation starting with process re-engineering through the insights layer and moving all the way down to the data and infrastructure layer.

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Cyber Security & Enterprise Risk

Take an integrated approach to cybersecurity – prevent intrusion, minimize risk, control loss, and stay resilient

In the highly digital and connected environment, data, apps and networks are at constant risk from malicious attackers. Organizations use Geetaxmi’s Cybersecurity & Risk Service (CRS) to address these threats.

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