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December 5, 2021

Emerging technologies are connecting people and physical world using internet like never before. Digital Disruption has become a reality for all industries. As digital technologies reformulate markets, customers and workflows, they will make huge impact on many industries and businesses while transforming the way products and services are delivered and monetized.

This digital transformation is real and here to stay. The combination of supercomputing, cloud computing, hyper connectivity, a smarter world based on business outcomes and cybersecurity has led to a digital economy by setting the pace of change. Enterprises need to operate their operations brilliantly while navigating their people, process and technology modifications and implementing a successful digital transformation.

The balance of evolution and execution should lean on enterprises’ strategic vendors for assistance. SAP Integration offers tools and support that empowers businesses to address significant challenges during the digital transformation journey.

Here are few steps to consider while implementing successful digital transformation strategies using SAP Enterprise Solutions…

New interfaces should meet the user experience demands

Mobility defined the latest era of user experience design with development, touchscreens and app stores for variety of applications. Today’s emerging technologies enable another empire of experiences that offers voice-enabled conversational interfaces, digital overlays with Augmented Reality (AR) and deeply engaging experiences with Virtual Reality (VR).

Additionally, new connected devices are changing how businesses interact and consume data. Every company needs to reconsider their strategies on how these new interactive devices will change their business processes. With SAP integration solutions businesses should expect several changes in UX such as how people interact with conversational interfaces like chatbots and voice assistants.

Simplification to add value to the enterprises’ efforts

Since many years, business leaders have been focused on their digital transformation efforts to eliminate operational complications. SAP changed highly customizable software into Software as a Service (SaaS) and encouraged businesses to work with multiple Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) companies.

These solutions have provided customers with software that is user friendly and easy to update as it is hosted on cloud. With SAP, digital transformation can be better for enterprises and take advantage when they simplify their existing software and services including cloud computing.

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