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December 1, 2021

Most of our Content Management Systems (CMSs) are performing well as a solid engine behind the website experiences that our customers love. Though these CMSs have been functioning well and stable since quite some time, they have also been going through a significant digital transformation.

From the ever-growing network of things connected with internet (IoT-Internet of Things) to AI-powered innovations such as voice assistants and driver-less cars, the current Digital Transformation is moving fast and changing the way we experience and collaborate with the digital world. It has definitely transformed the way we do business.

And that’s why, you need to make sure that the CMS Platform you decide to go for is ready to evolve to boost your customer engagement and is up-to-date with new trends that require consideration.

The smart CMS of the future will be powered by intelligent technologies such as Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. However, a scalable effective CMS built today is future ready and can be closely integrated with peripheral systems, which will make wonders happen for both the stakeholder and the user.

Here, we list out a few important questions you can contemplate upon if you’re planning to become future ready with your CMS.

1. Is your CMS architecture scalable?

It is important to have your product engineered for the future. A robust scalable CMS architecture is ready for integration with enhanced APIs, ecommerce, customer experience management or other platforms or third-party integrations. In addition, your CMS needs to facilitate cross-browser compatibility.

Consider an event and object-based CMS architecture so you can empower it through Machine Learning so you can easily adopt the latest emerging technology the moment you feel you need to take the next step in your digital transformation journey.

2. Is your CMS equipped with an Intuitive Search Feature?

A CMS integrated with an intuitive search feature helps your content management system collect the information users naturally provide when they submit a search query or click on a suggested search result. You will be also able to provide what your customers are looking for and make your overall engagement impactful and positively empower the company’s bottom line while boosting the customer experience. This will optimize the user experience even further.

In the long run, using the historical data, you can gather analytical data that can transform the manual changing of self-learning and self-changing search results.

3.  Does your CMS support changing your website architecture and look-and-feel without a complete overhaul?

No one likes to start from scratch after making significant financial and emotional investment in a product. And, that’s why it’s important to have a CMS that stores your content outside the pages and protects it. In addition, instead of it all being on a page, it must be stored as separate chunks that can be distributed to several other distribution channels with ease as a separate functionality.

4. Is your CMS mobile responsive?

A good CMS must offer consistent experience and compatibility with all smartphones and operating systems. This will keep your visitors engaged and hooked even on-the-go.

Not only this, there’s much more that you can look forward to if you have the right CMS for your website. A scalable and adaptable CMS that allows integration of other tools and software can facilitate:

  • Customer engagement monitoring
  • Buyer’s journey monitoring
  • Personalized re-marketing
  • Chatbots for quick customer service
  • Quality assurance

Businesses need to up their game if they want to thrive in the era of digital transformation by leveraging this innovation. A CMS like that is sure to make businesses execute effective online marketing strategies with relative ease.

But wait, there’s still more…

A future-ready CMS can:

  • Automatically audit content library to identify content gaps and real-time opportunities
  • Keep track of your content and recognize top-performing content to repurpose and re-marketing
  • Maximize keyword research to find the best place for your content
  • Even cross-check your keyword data with actual performance metrics
  • Have editorial calendar to enhance collaboration and project management
  • Always leverage third-party tools to automate social distribution based on your audience profile

These are some easy to implement and future-proof hacks for businesses to gain significant ROI when implementing a future-ready CMS for their enterprise.

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