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December 15, 2021

Tried deploying Cloud Computing, already? Or are you still on the lookout to keep your business operations top-notch with optimal investments? Then, it’s about time you considered Cloud Computing for your needs.

Cloud Computing technology allows running your applications and programs online through public or private network connections. It offers a first-rate scalable infrastructure that does it all - store, execute or analyze data directly on the internet. Not only does this free up the memory space, it also lessens the load on your local computers saving time and improving efficiency in the process. 

Cloud Computing came into existence relatively recently about a decade ago and quickly forayed into the realm of innovative technology. This got everyone excited! But with excitement there’s also concerns and skepticism that people were considering. Some of the most common questions were:

What is Cloud Computing?

How does it work?

Is it like the Internet?

How can I use the Cloud?

Is Data safe in the Cloud?

In retrospect this does sound funny today, but these questions were relevant back in the day. Just as buried seeds sprout into a seedling maturing into a plant, Cloud Computing too has gradually metamorphosed from emerging technology to the mainstream.

That’s an interesting fact to note. Today, several organizations and businesses have begun using Cloud Computing applications and platforms as the go-to IT infrastructure to enforce the foundation of their new and established digital businesses.

According to research, this trend is likely to continue to influence the IT market in the coming years. We are going through a transition period of Cloud Computing today.

But, “what makes Cloud Computing thrive? And will moving IT operations to the cloud help your business be more profitable?”

Picture this, once upon a time, we could send and receive emails using a program installed on your PC called mail client. Then with the arrival of web-based service like Hotmail, emails were pushed to the cloud. Today, this has scaled and become more widely acceptable. Now, we all use this tactic to store and process emails in the Cloud which is convenient for those who are always on-the-go.

Here are five benefits that Cloud Computing offers to help you get a clearer view of the bigger picture:

1. Highly Cost Efficient

Cloud Computing prevents the upfront cost of installing software applications and hardware systems into your PC. Additionally, it also reduces the risk of running obsolete software which might be inefficient for your business operating needs.

Additionally, moving your business operations to the cloud saves your CapEx costs in the ongoing maintenance & support, and physical security required for running your own physical data center.  Since, downtime is rare in cloud system; it also reduces your additional charge in handling potential issues related to downtime.

2. Mobility                                    

Mobility is another important benefit of using Cloud Computing. Cloud Computing enables end users to access stored data from any devices. This feature keeps you instantly connected and updated with your clients and co-workers. On top of that, any changes or upgrades can be done automatically, which significantly reduces time and effort of managing data on the cloud.

3. Advanced Data Security

For every organization, the biggest concern is data security. Cloud offers advanced level of data security compared to traditional in-house systems. This is possible because of access control, encryption and authentication, which makes data less accessible to unauthorized users. Cloud services come with multiple security features that can be easily customized based on the security level required.

While sharing sensitive information in the Cloud, you can limit the access to a third-party by simply giving a read-only access. This way they cannot tamper or share your information to external parties keeping your data protected from human risk of impairment.

On the other hand, all activities in the Cloud are constantly audited and monitored by Cloud Service Providers to assure all the security standards are met.

4. Disaster Recovery

Data recovery is a prerequisite for any organization. Losing important data can destroy your business. Cloud assures that data is always accessible from other alternative mediums even when your laptop, smartphone or other device is damaged. Moreover, during power outage or in moments of crises, data stored in the Cloud is safe, secured and can be easily recovered.

5. Scalable and Flexible

Cloud Computing is an ideal solution for businesses that need fluctuating bandwidth demands. You can quickly and efficiently scale-up/down your Cloud capacity without investing in the physical IT infrastructure.

It’s more along the lines of the pay-as-you-go system. Billing for Cloud services works pretty much the way you pay bills for gas or power at home. It is quite agile and scalable letting you have instant access to data and scaled-up computing power, once done you can simply release it back to the cloud.

This scalability ensures that you have high-performance resources at your disposal with minimal investment.

These Cloud Computing benefits will render more profitability and growth to your business in the coming years. Moving your business operations to the Cloud promises higher ROI. Thinking of exploring? Then, get in touch with our cloud experts at Geetaxmi today on info@geetaxmi.com

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