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December 29, 2021

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is known as the foundation of the growing emerging technology market. With this new evolution businesses are implementing innovative ideas into  the advanced intelligent applications to improve their customer experience. Even users are more into using AI-powered application features on a daily basis. Since the last couple of decades, AI along with other emerging technologies has modernized application development.

Artificial Intelligence is getting extensive grip worldwide being used by numbers of enterprises. Businesses today are more focused on enhancing the user experience using AI. AI is also leading the new technological innovators to rule the application market. It is beneficial in abstracting the technical barriers for traditional businesses. Moreover, it supports the non-technical users to understand the tasks which generally can’t be done without professional developers.

Here’s how AI can help enterprises overcome this obstacle:

  • Artificial Intelligence collects and stores data from the users by evaluating the performance and usage pattern of the applications.
  • Demographics information like user’s location, contacts and daily behavior taken by the AI allows the application to serve users with better recommendations.

New Opportunities for Application Development with Artificial Intelligence

The application market is blooming with business growth and the rise in user engagement due to the growing use of AI in mobile application development.

Sometimes several devices and applications with a fixed algorithm do not accept changes based on the users’ remarked behavior. That’s where AI has been playing a significant role in application development since the last few years. It all started with Siri and now emerging with Amazon Echo and Google AI that is empowering app development with its strong presence.

Let’s take a look at some of the ways AI-powered mobile apps enable businesses to create an outstanding UX for their customers.

Capability To Provide Personal Touch

The intelligence of AI can understand user behavior and provides in-depth insights of customer preferences in a short time. Advancing mobile applications with personal touch always helps enterprises expand traffic and sales which ultimately results in higher ROI and increased engagement.

Take Starbucks for example, the famous coffee company came up with AI-enabled mobile app that lets users place orders via voice command or messaging to a virtual barista. It also took the next step on its journey to provide better personalized customer experience by offering  one-to-one offers tailored to each user based on their purchase history.

Faster Way To Get Voice-Enabled Search Results

These days, most people avoid extra human effort, not even to move our hands to get a task done. Just speak out loud wake-up words like “Hello Siri”, “Hey Alexa” or "Okay, Google" and the work is done.

Quick intelligent predictive reply to save time

A mobile application solely might not understand the language of the users. That’s when the new concept of predictive replies arrived.  A predictive reply happens when the user and the device communicate through AI technology which understands the message and responds to it accurately. AI extracts the information from the current data sets to regulate the current state and predict the outcome.

The good example of this is, Google, who came up with a Gmail app. The main feature of this is the ‘Smart Reply’ that uses artificial neural networks to send suitable responses to the email messages.

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