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December 26, 2021

Technology has become a crucial part of the business world. Online and digital marketing are becoming more popular day by day. The world is gradually coming to terms with the technological revolution. Despite, the leaps in technology and innovation, businesses often find it difficult to walk hand in hand with the latest tech trend that can positively influence their revenue.

Business owners should always be updated with the latest trend in technologies affecting their businesses, marketing, advertising and servicing. It’s only reasonable that growing businesses do not always have the right talent to guide them through such transitions. That’s why it’s imperative that businesses leveraged expert technology consulting services who can directly assist them increase their ROI and efficiency.

Today in this fast-growing world where technologies play a crucial important role in sustaining the business as well as in maximizing growth, enterprises are often perplexed when it comes to the problem of choice. Technology consulting services from experienced IT solutions providers such as Geetaxmi solve this problem with relative ease. Technology consultants guide you in leveraging the best set of technological innovations most relevant to the enterprise’s burning issues.

What is Information Technology (IT) solution?

IT solution is set of related software programs/services sold as a single package. IT vendors or service providers who became a norm during the 90’s helped customers successfully solve complex business problems using standard IT solutions and services.

The arrival of fast Internet gave new directions to the IT solution industry. Internet made the delivery of the end-product faster and efficient, moving development to remote monitoring.

The most recent development, the emergence of Cloud computing has expanded IT solutions further as it provides customers the lucrative options of ‘Infrastructure As A Service’ and ‘Software As A Service’. The providers either support and build their own cloud platform or resell the services of the public cloud provider. This eliminates many bottlenecks for both the developers as well as the enterprises since vital data is easily accessible from just about anywhere.

How IT solutions help in the growth of the business?

In today’s world where businesses are rapidly growing, the demand to consistently provide quick, efficient, innovative and intelligent software solutions has increased. This involves creating or modifying the systems and working as a team responsible for analysis, design, maintenance, construction and testing. The right technology consultant will ensure that a basic checklist demanding efficient operations is strictly adhered to. Here are some major points every good technology consultant considers before asking enterprises to invest in IT solutions:

  • Ensuring websites are built in a responsive way that are compatible across a variety of devices and browsers.
  • Seamless migration to cloud-based services that’s cost-effective and easily accessible.
  • Switching to efficient VoIP business communication systems.
  • Investing in E-mail marketing adhering to ethical and legal privacy guidelines.
  • Adapting an overall better security infrastructure and QA processes.

Here’s a quick guide on how some leading emerging technologies can navigate you through digital transformation.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI is the reflection of human intelligence processes by machines. It includes learning information, reasoning and self-correction. Virtual personal assistants like apple’s Siri is example of AI.

Some of the AI solutions are image processing and recognition, natural language processing, predictive analysis. AI is used in many sectors such as agriculture, transportation, education, marketing, e-commerce etc.

Geetaxmi has developed many such solutions using AI such as AI solutions for public bus transportation, live location tracking an many more.


Blockchain is a decentralized database shared across a network computer. The database is highly secure - once a record is added it is difficult to change. Even if the data is somehow changed, it maintains a log of the changes done. It uses blocks to store data, each block contains a hash key of previous data, timestamp and transaction data so it’s very difficult to alter such data.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Internet of Things connects devices internally over the Internet without human intervention. It includes sensors, devices, cloud (to store data). First it fetches data using sensors then transfers data using Internet and then store that data in the cloud for further use. It is used in healthcare, transportation, public safety etc. Geetaxmi has time and again developed IoT based solutions that have helped organizations scale up and deliver fast and efficient results.

When you map up trending technologies with the latest technology trends relevant to your business, there’s sustainable business growth. Combining the right set of relevant technology solutions with a driven strategy focused on the overall business infrastructure adds value to your business.

Why Hire Geetaxmi?

Geetaxmi is a reputed IT solutions provider with nearly two decades long experience in crafting customized innovative IT solutions for diverse clients spanning across an array of industries.

It is a ISO 27001 certified level company leveraging expert talent for emerging and traditional technologies with technology like such as Microsoft, SAP, Mobility Solutions etc. Using an agile methodology dedicated to achieving a superior quality output for its clients, Geetaxmi has been a front runner in deploying transformational technology solutions.

Wondering how technology can transform your business for the better? Ask experts at Geetaxmi who will guide you every step of the way. Get in touch with expert technology consultants at Geetaxmi Technologies today on info@geetaxmi.com

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