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September 16, 2022

The latest SAP Service Cloud solution revolutionizes customer service by providing significant connections throughout the customer's journey. It allows the entire organization to speed up the resolution of issues while fulfilling your promise to your customers and securing future expansion.

The cloud-based platform we offer is among the main pillars that power SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP) and has evolved into an integral part of our broad platform offerings instead of a standalone offering. Its powerful integration capability and extension are offered as services running in conjunction with SAP BTP.

SAP on Google Cloud

Google Cloud collaborates with SAP to offer SAP-certified infrastructure for all SAP systems. You can also choose Google Cloud to power SAP cloud-based services like SAP S/4HANA Cloud, SAP Ariba, SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud and SAP Cloud Platform. SAP Cloud Platform in itself.

Google Cloud offers the right platform for building, deploying models and simplifying SAP solutions results. IDC discovered that customers who utilize Big Query for SAP saw an immediate reduction in the time required to generate data and insights while significantly reducing the cost of data storage. This BigQuery Connector that integrates with SAP provides our customers with an option: a quick, simple, cost-effective and massively scalable method to enable SAP data to be accessible in BigQuery.

A few of the benefits that come with using SAP in the Google Cloud include: Google Cloud include:

  • Google's fiber-optic network offers a worldwide reliable, secure, and scalable basis that can be used for SAP deployments. It also allows you to optimize performance and cost.
  • Automatization tools like Cloud Deployment Management and flexible deployment options can help you migrate your SAP environment into the cloud and move at your speed.
  • A flexible virtualized infrastructure allows you to resize the machines you use as your company expands. You can increase the size of your infrastructure to accommodate the different demands of your business and avoid having to pay for services you don't need.
  • One of the giant SAP-certified virtual machines (VMs) available.
  • Inbuilt features, for instance, Compute Engine's live engine migration and auto restart, reduce the downtime required for infrastructure maintenance.
  • Chances to be innovative with Google Cloud databases, data analytics, intelligent analytics, AI, machine learning, and the ability to integrate data.

Today, SAP consulting is an exciting market for those who wish to establish their careers as Consultants. The critical thing to consider is to find the precise understanding and the right balance of time and plan. The primary reason behind its popularity in this area is the high amount of compensation that it provides.

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What Are The Types Of SAP HANA Consultants?

SAP HANA Consulting is one of the most sought-after professions to come back into the economic climate. SAP is a term used to describe Systems, Applications & Products in Data Processing. It is a popular choice for the most efficient day-to-day business processes. It's a well-known company within the Information Technology market, and the product has global recognition. Like the SAP products, SAP-certified specialists are highly sought-after.

  • Consulting in Sales/Business, This Consultant focuses solely on winning projects completed by the clients. In general, the Consultant should not have much knowledge of SAP.
  • Developer Consultant, The Consultant is in charge of creating Java/ABAP applications.
  • SAP Functional Consultant,  This Consultant is accountable for personalizing SAP to meet the customers' demands. They collaborate with the developers to design customized ABAP programs based on customers' requirements.
  • SAP Base Consultant,  This Consultant assists in installing, performing tuning and maintaining SAP servers and databases.

They are among the top and most well-known consulting roles found within SAP HANA projects. Based on the initiative's nature and scope, it's possible to encounter different consulting positions, such as SAP Techno-Functional Consultants, SAP Security Consultants, etc.

Business Intelligence (BI) is software that gives significance to an organization's raw data. The raw data is cleaned and stored before being applied to business logic to make it beneficial to enterprise users to make more informed business choices. The information is presented in reports and can be shown in charts, tables, etc. These are efficient and easy to understand and take business decisions.

Businesses collect data on suppliers, customers, and internal processes in all their business operations. Based on this data, employees from various departments such as Human Resources, Finance, Accounting, Marketing, Finance, etc. create work plans.

Analytics Solutions

Regarding SAP BI and database management solutions for data concern storage, transformation, and management. Analytics solutions are a collection of tools that provide access to data and enhance your business's analytical capabilities. The simplest way to describe it is those analytics solutions are the front end of a BI-based system that offers reports, graphs and dashboards, and tools to discover analysts' data.

The analytics solutions platform comprises the following various products for business analysis and intelligence:

Collaborative Enterprise

Planning is an organizational planner, where every department can coordinate its actions and actions with the rest of the organization by relying on data-driven decision-making. This is like a Google Calendar on steroids for businesses planning financial and strategic choices.

Predictive Analytics is software that lets you apply machine learning algorithms to forecast future patterns based on your data. Predictive analytics is built with pre-built algorithms and modeling tools that manage machine learning models.

SAP Business Intelligence

SAP Business Intelligence can be described as a fundamental product that comes with a variety of instruments for data access. This product is focused on tools for business analysis, reporting, and visualization of information. The tools within SAP BI are divided into two groups of users who are in the end.

The first is business consumers (or the data consumer), a group of users that uses data to query, not involved in the databases' inner structures. The second group is the data analyst (or an IT department). The users work within a database to create metadata, explore data and assist with queries.

SAP BusinessObjects

BI Suite is an on-premises BI platform that gives immediate access to data. Business users can work using the data without much involvement from the IT department since it's a self-service system. BusinessObjects has a range of features, including reporting, ad-hoc (instant) reports, interactive dashboards, as well as visualization of data.

BusinessObjects interface

BusinessObject interface, with some visual examples

Like many BI instruments, BusinessObjects has in-built mechanisms for business users, which allow them to create visualizations through the drag-and-drop interface. It is compatible with other tools using APIs. Integrations can include other analytical tools as well as data sources. Distinct applications like ERP.

Similar to the database, analytical tools can be used on-premise or in the cloud. Depending on your chosen architecture, you have some flexibility when selecting the software and deployment choices. If you have a comprehensive understanding that SAP's BI products and their interactions with one another before we move on to discuss the entire platform.

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Many companies benefit from SAP-based consulting services to increase profitability in their business and achieve tremendous success.

These services aid businesses to reach greater heights and higher profits over the long term. This can help them rise to higher levels professionally.

Here are some essential tips for maintaining your job as an SAP HANA Consultant. I hope these traits will help you get the desired outcome.

The SAP job market is expanding rapidly, so there is a considerable need for SAP-qualified experts. A person with the qualifications and abilities can be an SAP HANA consultant. These points are crucial tips that will help the candidate improve the chances of becoming a consultant for SAP HANA consulting, . SAP HANA certification is one of the most lucrative career options for candidates who wish to be practical SAP HANA consultants.

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