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  • December 30, 2021

    A cloud based solution for tracking remote attendance

    Project Details

    Customer Size: Mid-size Organization
    Country: India
    Technology: PHP, MySQL

    Client Profile

    India based Production company

    Business Scenario

    As the world tries to find a resolution to the ongoing Coronavirus situation, many organizations are preparing to offer work from home options for their employees. Tracking attendance manually for remote employees is a huge task, and even if your employees are going to the office every day, using bio-metric attendance systems can be dangerous in the current environment. An online attendance management system can solve these issues and track attendance without any errors.

    Gitakshmi's cloud based Solutions

    Here are some of the ways an online attendance management system can ease workforce management, especially for remote employees:

    • Allows employees to log their working hours

    With an online attendance management system, employees will be able to log their own working hours easily. They can clock in and out from anywhere through the web or their mobiles. Also, online attendance management systems allow you to customize attendance policies to be more flexible for remote work.

    • Tracks time efficiently

    When your employees work from home, it may be difficult to track what they are working on. Managing what tasks your employees are doing or the time spent on different projects becomes much harder. With online time sheets, projects can be easily planned and assigned to your employees, even when they work remotely.

    • Improves transparency

    Time theft is one of the main reasons why organizations hesitate to offer work from home option for their employees. With an online attendance management system, the total work and project hours can be clocked by employees, making the whole process transparent.

    • Generates insightful reports

    Online attendance management systems provide different reports based on the available attendance data. By better understanding the attendance patterns of your remote employees, you will be able to identify if the work from home option was effective for your organization. You will be able to understand attendance issues, if there are any, and take the necessary steps to improve your organization’s productivity.

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